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   Together we are creating a safe tomorrow

 Welcome to SECenterBioThreats.org - your source for information and solutions for combating biological agents with increasing potential for harm. We're here to help the scientific, government, industry, and public policy community find effective ways to counter biological threats.

   Shared Mission

 In the midst of a changing biological landscape, our mission is simple: we strengthen global resilience to biological threats by providing research, information and resources that are not only reliable, but accessible to all.

   What Distinguishes Us?

 We are a team of experienced scientists, biosecurity professionals and experts in countering biological threats. Our strength lies in our passion for science and dedication to the security of society. We work with government agencies, scientific institutions and the private sector to provide the latest tools and strategies needed to combat biological threats.

   Our Activities

  Our activities target several key areas:

 Education and Awareness: We create educational materials, organize workshops and conferences, all to raise awareness of biohazards and their effects.

 Research and Development: We fund and conduct frontline research to understand, predict and combat biological agents with the potential for harm.

 International Cooperation: We work with partners around the world, joining forces to combat biological threats.

 Practical Solutions: We develop tools and resources to effectively and efficiently address biological threats.

   Join Us

 Together, we can make the world a safer place. We encourage you to explore our resources, educational materials and the latest research - all to help you better understand biological threats and how to counter them.

 SECenterBioThreats is where science meets security. It's a place where we use our knowledge and experience to create a future that is safe for all of us.

 Take on this mission with us. Join the fight against biological threats. Become part of our community and start creating a safer tomorrow today.

   SECenterBioThreats. A Safe Tomorrow begins here.


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