About us

  We are creating the future. Secure.

 SECenterBioThreats is ateam of experienced scientists, biosecurity professionals and biological threat countermeasure specialists. We are passionate and dedicated to strengthening global resilience to biological threats.

  Ourroots are in the scientific, government, industry and public policy communities that have come together to understand, anticipate and combatbiological agents with increasing potential for harm.

  We are active on many fronts. We conduct research, create educational materials, organize conferences and workshops, and develop practical tools to address biological threats.

  As part of our work, we collaborate with government agencies, scientific institutions and the private sector around the world. We join forces to create a future that is safe for all of us.

  At SECenterBioThreats, we believe that together we can make the world a safe place for everyone. Join us and start creating a secure tomorrow today.

   SECenterBioThreats. Your partner in building a secure future.


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